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How to Prep for the Whole 30 and Meal Plan

Meal Planning has always been close to my heart and once I became a mom, it was a huge survival component, mommy brain is a real thing folks! Fast forward to July 2017 and I embarked on my first round of Whole 30, meal planning became even more clutch. Some people think I am a super woman being able to meal plan for a whole month at a time but honestly, it is the only way I can get it done. I am able to sit down one stretch of time and knock it all out. Then the only thing I have to worry about is the weekly grocery list. The first thing I do is gather my calendar, favorite cookbooks, a notebook, and the computer for my Pinterest boards. And as you can see, it is usually done in a place of complete chaos and with much needed caffeine. And obvi, you need to use a Disney autograph pen, because it is literally the only pen you can find in the freaking house. Then I write down how many days are in the month, so I have a running count of recipes I have and need. On days that we have pla

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